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YRKKH Best Serial of Star Plus

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai isn't only a show for everybody who is either connected with it, or is an aficionado of the show. It's an adventure.. Also, in this long adventure of 6 years we can't overlook the exquisite individuals we lost..

One of the most interesting characters in YRKKH, she made everybody chuckle with her clever exchanges and her awesome acting. Despite the fact that she was anything but a lasting piece of the show.. Nani was one fun character. Maybe a couple of her acclaimed exchanges were, "Arre!mein jithni bholi dikhun uthni hoon na!!!" ,"singe baatein mujhse bulwa greetings lete hao, aap log"

Maharaj Ji had been a piece of the show since the start, and he was such an adorable character where he used to murmur tunes and dependably giggle and, in actuality, too he was such a sweet individual..

On this day, we can't overlook them both.. Furthermore, simply supplicate that they both Rest in Peace.

YRKKH began off as a voyage about a couple who discover love subsequent to having an organized marriage. An idea, which was so basic and wonderful that it wasn't an unexpected that yeh rishta wound up a standout amongst the best shows just inside a couple of days after it's dispatch.

A voyage about a couple that has an organized marriage, experiences misconceptions, trust issues, detachment, reunions, snapshots of bliss, tragedy, parenthood together and remains together through great and awful occasions.. Where they are each other's source of genuine sympathy and depend on. An adventure around two families that meet up with the marriage of two individuals, a voyage about festivals, joy, little minutes, energy, A voyage that has left an effect on our lives.

What's more, here's a salute to the driving force behind the voyage.. We can't express gratitude toward him enough to give us YRKKH, Rajan Sir!

Here are a portion of the connections in YRKKH that we have cherished &learnt from;


Companions forever; we adored every one of the minutes among mohit and naitik aswell as akshara and varsha since the starting the minutes were delighted in by us completely, be it a minute where naitik and mohit move up the pipe of Akshara's home, or akshara and varsha going out for gol gappe. The best part was that their fellowship wound up deep rooted.

Kin ~ YRKKH depicted the kin relationship in the most reasonable and loveable way.. Every one of the kin scenes are excellent and relatable! Anshu and shaurya dadu prodding akshara.. Rashmi and nandini helping naitik learn othello, Naksh, Ananya and Yash battling with one another and being evil together.

Breaking limits ~ the saas Bahu relationship!

In spite of the fact that gayatri and akshara might not have had a smooth begin to their relationship.. They wound up being exceptionally close.Their relationship was very reasonable.

After gayatri's demise we got the chance to see another relationship which too had it's highs and lows yet was for sure a one of a kind and exquisite.

Grandparents~ a gift

YRKKH dependably encouraged us to regard out seniors regardless.. Furthermore, that they're generally there for us! To help us when we're smashed and support our certainty when something turns out badly ❤️

Family isn't generally blood, the general population would effectively observe you grin and adore you regardless.

"From your folks you learn love and giggling.."

Akshara and Rajshri a delightful mother girl bond, rajshri's constant "Chinta" about akshara demonstrated her adoration.

Akshara and Vishambar he was a perfect dad each young lady would need, he thought about akshara his pride and they had a unique bond!

Naitik and gayatri in spite of the fact that gayatri was extremely possessive about her munna she was a cherishing mother who needed the best for her child.

Naitik and Dadda Ji however their relationship Had dependably been similar to Tom and jerry yet with time naitik wound up capable and figured out how to make daddaji glad.

Akshara and Duggu ~ Duggu; the her absolute favorite, her little dear baby, her first child. Like every single other relationship this excessively had it's good and bad times however a standout amongst the most endearing connections.

Naitik and Naksh ~ duplicate is the correct word to depict Naksh.. Like naitik he too is the everybody's absolute favorite! Naitik and Naksh are the cutest and naughtiest team.. Their relationship took another divert after naitik recouped from unconsciousness!

These three children included bunches of fun,cuteness and wickedness to the show.. We cherish them!

Naitik/Akshara – Naksh ❤️

Naitik akshara ~ Naksh influence us to put stock in adoration, masterminded relational unions and satisfaction, in trust, in devotion, in inspiration, in regard, in sentiment, in benevolence. Their voyage is excessively near the entirety of our souls and to be straightforward can't be articulated..

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